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The Affordable Care Act (ACA):
New "Adult" Medicaid

Due to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid eligibility will expand to nearly 350,000 additional people in Illinois in 2014. Currently, Medicaid is only available to individuals in certain groups (pregnant women, children, some parents, older adults, and people with disabilities) who meet income AND asset requirements. Eligibility for these existing Medicaid programs will NOT change, but the ACA creates a new "Adult" Medicaid program for individuals who meet the following requirements:

To qualify for new "Adult" Medicaid, an individual must:

- Be 19-64 years of age

- Have income under 138% of the federal poverty level: $15,282 year for an individual or $20,628 for a couple in 2013
(There is no asset limit for the new Adult Medicaid Program)

- Be a U.S. citizen or be a legal immigrant for at least 5 years

- Not be eligible for Medicare or existing Medicaid programs (Medicaid for seniors and people with disabilities, FamilyCare, All Kids, etc)

Individuals may apply for this new Medicaid program after October 1, 2013 (but their coverage will not begin until at least January 1, 2014). Coverage through the new "Adult" Medicaid program will include doctor visits, prescriptions, screenings, tests, hospital care, therapy services, and mental health treatment. This program may provide different coverage than existing Medicaid programs, but must cover at least a basic package of items and services known as "Essential Health Benefits".

For more information about the new "Adult" Medicaid program, please visit:
www.healthcare.gov or marketplace.cms.gov


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